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One of thing that has help me grow is that fact that, I have always stretch myself beyond my current capacity which make me to keeping learning and growing faster. Though, there is a point where you will feel like giving up but I want you to know that, that is the moment you need to put more effort, the little efforts you add to it, is what single you out. When you stretch yourself beyond your capacity, it give you more opportunity to succeed in life.

Majority of people who succeed in life are people who take there time to stretch there self more than there capacity and before you know it the results become bigger than there expectations. Though, for a man to enjoy the best in life, it come as a result of our faith in Christ Jesus but after giving you life to Christ, there is a need for you to also stretch yourself, this is one thing that God will give you the capacity to do and when your stretch yourself, you will begin to experience some results that naturally you think you can’t achieve; all what you think you can’t achieve will now be achievable to you because you have stretch yourself.

Alot of people don’t take responsibilities with the pretends of not having the skills or time for it but the truth is, when you are face with a situation where you have many responsibilities to take care of them at once, that’s when you begin to see the genius in you at work… You don’t only expand in capacity but you also learn how to handle such situations

There was a moment in my life, I was part of many activities that are important to me and I had to make a decision to stop all and focusing on one…. It wasn’t easy for me to choose but for the fact that I was able to make the right choices back then simply help me grow… Sometimes, it is such situations that you truly understand the guiding power of God, you truly measure your capacity.

Stop running away from responsibilities… It is there to help you grow… Responsibilities, be it financial, moral, and others… Take it and grow. When you take responsibility, you see that you will be more bold and confidence about the future. The future is meant for you but it come with some responsibility. So, that the future by taking responsibility, part of the responsibility is to accept Jesus Christ, to focus on your goal, to build yourself among others.

God bless you for reading this article. I am Adedapo Micheal, the CEO of Dleading Web Design Ltd. I’m happy to have you on my website, if there is anything I can do for you, you can let me know by chatting me up through this link or by giving me a call on 09035382271.

My desire for you is to succeed and to become great in life, and I will do everything I can do to make you to succeed if only you will permit me and you’re ready to be stretched. If you will forget everything, don’t forget Jesus love you and don’t forget that your success depends on your ability to stretch yourself to succeed in life.

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