Reason why Most Leaders Fail

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It should be Worth Noting that one of the Greatest African Leaders of ALL Times Nelson Mandela released a very Deep Leadership Secret that Most People have Neglected but it is A Must if anyone ever think of becoming a Genuine Leader. We have a lot of Dictator in both Secular , Religious and Christian Circle who think that they are Leaders but they are not Leaders.

Nelson Mandela word about Effective Leadership

Nelson Mandela drew the Attention of All that to Become a Leader Requires You To Change Yourself First then you can be ready to change others in your Leadership circumference and beyond.

Today we have Millions of Individuals claiming to be Leaders because of their position or tittles but had never changed themselves but are deceptively thinking they can change others. Leadership is a transfer of yourself to others, it’s not a transfer of knowledge , charisma talents and skills, NO. It is in summary a transfer of Character.

Africans appear to remain the worse leaders because they have refused to change even when they travel to foreign nations , they return to rather Lord over those back Home, rekindling The Spirit of Slavery Treatment , Colonialism and Bossing.

It takes so much time to discover a True Leader, never conclude too early , it takes so much time. Much Time reveals a True Leader, A True Leader is Someone that has over the Years Consistently Change His or Herself and Transfer his own Transformation to Lives and Systems.

Permit me to end up by saying that one of the Greatest reasons why even Christian denominations lack leaders is because most of those called pastors and leaders themselves have not strived through scripture to become genuinely transformed, they continue to wonder in the wilderness of Theological Knowledge and strive daily to change others whereas they themselves are still very full of Darkness. Darkness of Self, Darkness of Manipulation, Darkness of Injustice, Darkness of Tribalism, Darkness of Immorality, Darkness of Cheating and Corruption, Darkness of Untransformed Lives, Darkness of Favoritism, Darkness of the Chronic Love of Money and Great Quest of Materialism, Darkness of Pride , Darkness of Religious Blindness rather than the Mastery of the Gospel of Kingdom of God , etc.

Thus Making it IMPOSSIBLE to Bring any Transformation

All those who think would become leaders must truly lay down their lives and be transformed first , less position , fame , recognition and Titles continue to chock and deceive them. It is the same spirit and practice that gave birth to religious hypocritical leaders Jesus confronted in scripture. The same spirit is ravaging today.

The Greatest Assignment of a Leader is thus to allow himself to undergo genuine change and transformation so that he can truly put the People’s Interest as a Priority at All Times, In fact one of the Key reasons to becoming a Leader is to become Secondary to your own while the People become Primary, a Paradox many have refuse but still wish and desire to become Leaders, The Leadership Journey is a paradox thus its either we accept it and become true Leaders or Refuse it and Remain Dictators , Lords and Bosses rather than Transformed Servants.

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