What Make a Great Website in 2021

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A lot of things make a great website but in this article i will be sharing some tips that make a great website and not just a great website alone but this tips can also help you to design your website in a professional way.

So, if you are a web designer or you want to have full knowledge about what make a great website, this article is for you. And I’m so sure that after reading this article, you will have full understanding about what really make a great website.

Web Design Journey

Permit me to share a short story with you. Some years back, when i started my web design career, i design a website for one of my client’s and i think that’s the best website have ever done in my life… and i told my boss about it, and i could remember vividly what my boss said to me, he said “a time is coming when you will look at this website and said this is nothing…”

Do you know after sometime, i begins to develop myself and i find out that the website i think is the best then, was not good at all, though that was when i become professional in my web design career, i realize that those website i design then was not up to my taste now but then, my client love it, do you know why? because they don’t know what make a great website.

There are several things that make a great website, but in this article i will be sharing few tips with you but if you are interested in knowing more about web design or you want to know more on how to design a professional website you can click here.

Tools for a great website

Here are the tools or instrument that can help you design a great website. This instrument can really help you to design a nice looking website for your business or for your client. This instrument are listed below:

  1. Web Hosting: the first instrument you can use to build a great website is your web hosting. If your web hosting is not good enough, it will affect the functionality of your website and if your website is not function enough, it will reduce the user experience and immediately your user experience is reduce, than you should know that your website is not a good website.

Because every good and great website stimulates any audience who visit the site to stay longer on the site than the time he would like to spend on the site.

Let me tell you this, have seen some website that i never plan to stay longer on the site but merely getting to the site, i will be attached to the site base on the outlook and layout. So, you hosting have a long way to go if you want your website to achieve the purpose why you create the site.

  1. Your Web Designer: the second thing that can determine how good your website look like is based on your designer creativity. If your web designer is a professional, you can be rest assure that he will definitely get you the best design that can promote your business website. Since have become a Professional web designer, most of my client’s are always amaze with the way i design a website.

They always see me as a blessing to there company because the website i do design for them usually help them gain more online credibility and this also help them to double their sales. That is the reason why you should not give your business or company website to anyone who cannot handle or design the appropriate website that you business need.

See, the truth is that your designer is the best person that can give you the best design you want. But it is a pity today that many web designer can not deliver well; they can’t design the professional website there client need. Every other things to design a great website depend majorly on your designer creativity. If your web designer is professionals, he will give you the best design…


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