The Inspiring Journey of Adedapo Micheal Sunday – From Humble Beginnings to Leading Web Designer

Adedapo Micheal Sunday - CEO of Dleading Web Design
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Born on August 2, 1998, at Adeoyo Hospital in Ibadan, Adedapo Micheal Sunday’s journey is a testament to resilience, determination, and unwavering faith. From his humble beginnings to becoming the founder of DLeading Web Design with branches in Ibadan and Lagos, Micheal’s story is one of overcoming adversity and turning challenges into opportunities.

Early Life:

Micheal was born to Mr. and Mrs. Adedapo, a couple struggling to make ends meet in Ibadan. However, tragedy struck when Micheal was just three months old, and his parents separated. Unable to care for her son, Mrs. Adedapo sent Micheal to live with her mother in Ondo town, where he would spend his formative years.

Growing up in Ondo, Micheal faced numerous challenges. Despite attending Word of Truth Nursery and Primary School, he struggled academically due to the financial constraints his family faced. With his grandmother, he had to hawk and sell various items just to survive, which greatly affected his academic performance.

Education and Struggles:

Micheal’s education continued at Victory Comprehensive College in Ondo town. However, his academic struggles persisted. It wasn’t until he moved back to Ibadan to live with his mother during his senior secondary school years that he found some stability. He attended Celestial Church of Christ High School, Joyce B, Ibadan, where he completed his secondary education.

Although he managed to pass his WAEC examination, gaining admission into a university proved to be a significant challenge for Micheal. Despite his efforts, he struggled for several years. It wasn’t until a family friend intervened that Micheal was able to secure admission into Oyo State College of Agriculture, Igboora, Oyo State.

Finding Purpose:

Micheal’s time at Oyscatech was transformative. He found a fellowship that helped him grow spiritually, and he discovered his passion for web design. Despite studying accountancy, Micheal dedicated himself to learning web design, a skill that would later become the foundation of his successful business.

University Struggles and Triumphs:

After completing his studies at Oyscatech, Micheal felt a calling to further his education. He gained admission into Adekunle Ajasin University, Akungba Akoko (AAUA), through Direct Entry, to study accounting once again.

His time at AAUA was not without challenges. Despite facing academic difficulties, Micheal was determined to make the most of his university experience. In his 300 level, he ran for the position of the departmental president against a formidable opponent. Despite facing opposition from some lecturers, Micheal’s determination, coupled with the support of his peers, led him to victory.

Leadership and Service:

As the departmental president, Micheal distinguished himself by his unprecedented service. He became known for his selfless acts, such as providing food items for the entire department during exam periods. His tenure was marked by innovation and inclusivity, setting a precedent for future leaders.

Entrepreneurial Journey:

Upon graduating from AAUA, Micheal moved to Lagos to establish a branch of his web design business, DLeading Web Design. Despite facing challenges, Micheal’s determination and entrepreneurial spirit drove him forward. Today, DLeading Web Design is a reputable brand with branches in both Ibadan and Lagos.

Personal Life:

Despite his success, Micheal’s personal life has not been without challenges. He has struggled to find stable relationships, often facing superficial interest from others due to his financial success. However, Micheal remains focused on his career and personal growth.


Adedapo Micheal Sunday’s journey is a testament to the power of determination, resilience, and faith. From his humble beginnings in Ibadan to becoming a successful web designer and entrepreneur, Micheal has overcome numerous challenges to achieve his dreams. His story serves as an inspiration to all those who dare to dream and work tirelessly to turn those dreams into reality.

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