Temisan Barber, defying masculine stereotypes as a women’s right advocate

Temisan Barber
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A minister,  a public speaker, campaign director, a businessman, a golfer and a motorcycle enthusiast,  Temisan Barber started his journey into social welfare and women’s empowerment over a decade and a half ago. 

His work has taken him into over 26 countries and counting in Africa and the Middle East,  positioning him with his vast array of skills and experience as a champion for women’s rights and empowerment,  from the religio-social space to the budding political arena in his home country Nigeria and spreading through Africa. 

His journey began in 2011, whilst on work mission planning the largest Christian gathering in the history of Sierra Leone to date, with a daily gathering of over 170,000 people daily, in the eastern city of Kenema under the Healing Jesus Campaign, He organized social outreaches to the internally displaced victims of the Sierra Leone Civil War that left the country ravaged, in some of the IDP camps in the east of the country and northern provinces, these IDP camps hosted mutilated victims with the infamous long sleeve and short sleeve dismemberment carried out by the vicious rebels of the Sierra leonean Civil War. 

There he encountered women, who had been deformed physically,  psychologically and rendered non functional financially. 

“At that point,  I understood what Jesus was pointing us to when he stood to the defense of women ” Temisan Said. “Jesus never socially ostracized women, Jesus never considered them second class citizens or inferior, contrary to that, Jesus’ entourage was made up largely of women,” he continued. 

He rose up to the defense of the woman caught in adultery, held spiritual and intellectual discourse with the woman by the well, and First appeared to a woman upon his resurrection,  these were women that went on to change the narratives and transform their worlds. ” “If Jesus did it, then it stands to reason that that was a social campaign and endeavor worth engaging in.” 

He has since gone on to work with various interfaith groups and organizations across Africa empowering and advocating for the rights of women. 

At every campaign , we engaged in financially empowering women that helped some of them to start their own businesses and cater for their families, organized and coordinated free medical outreaches, with thousands in attendance and women’s prison visitations were added to the program to reach women at various levels of needs. 

He prefers the three pronged approach of education,  health and social interventions through financial platforms aimed at training and seed financing small scale women owned businesses. 

“Train a girl child, train a nation I believe. “

If we can get more girls in the classrooms, get them out of early marriages, provide medical support and financial training and empowerment through skills acquisitions,  we would well be on our way to lifting millions out of poverty.” 

Temisan is passionate about Africa,  admires the likes of Ellen sirleaf Johnson, Ngozi Okonjo Iweala, Chimamanda Adichie and Mrs Dlamini Zuma to name a few for what they’ve been able to achieve on a global stage. 

He has had the opportunity to speak on multiple platforms, to a diverse group of multi cultural and multi ethnic groups and women’s based programs in small groups of 100 or less across Africa. 

Right now, he is focused on training women in tech as product owners and scrum masters through his company Liberty tech support, giving them a platform to explore careers in the tech industry and achieving their full potential. 

I currently employ a handful of women in my set up and I’m looking forward to expanding. 

In a world where women’s rights and empowerment still face significant obstacles, individuals like Temisan Barber remains beacons of hope. His tireless efforts, passion, and commitment to gender equality have created an empowering ripple effect, transforming lives and shaping societies.

Through his advocacy, mentoring, and inspiring initiatives, Temisan continues to be at the forefront of the fight for women’s rights, more encouraging as a man offering great gender based support for women, reminding us all that together, we can build a future where every woman has the opportunity to thrive and contribute their unique strengths. 

Perhaps Mr Barber’s greatest impact lies in his ability as a man,  to inspire change. Through his unwavering dedication to the cause, he has ignited a spark within countless individuals, encouraging them to challenge the status quo and pursue their passions fearlessly. Whether through public speaking engagements or community gatherings, he has consistently shared his experiences, knowledge, and insights, leaving an indelible mark on all those who have had the privilege to listen.

When he is not busy running his businesses or engaging in social programs advocating educational,  financial political inclusion for women in Africa,  he can be found engaging in his favorite leisure sports of golfing and riding his motorcycles cross country.

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