How long will it take to build a website?

How long will it take to build a website picture
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Building a website is one of the best thing that every business men can do for there business. Though, it may take some time but is one of the best thing any business owner can leverage upon because your business website can help you double your sales.

Today, we have a lot of company making millions of naira from there website only, you know why? Because they leveraged on internet by creating a nice looking website for there business. And this website do help them generate more clients. If you want to design an eye catching website for your business click here

In fact, to build a website does not take time, what take time is the ability to decide the need to build a website foe your business. Let me explain what i mean here; what am saying is that to build a website doesn’t take much time as you think. Before i become a web designer, i thought it very difficult to design a website. In fact, i think i need to spend several month for me to be able to design a website but when i venture into web designing and i become professional, i realize that web designing is just very easy and it doesn’t take more time unless the designer is lazy or his/her hand is full with work.

Back to what am saying, i said to design a website doesn’t take more time but the awareness of having a website is what take time or let me put it this way “to see a reason that you need to design a website for you business is what take time”.

Do you know the reason why i say this?
One of the major challenges every business owner are facing is that they don’t realize the need to design a website for there business and i can’t blame them because the country we find ourselves in has make us believed that some things are not important but unlike abroad, almost every business owner know the important of having a business website.

The truth is to design a website can take a week or two week. For example, if i get a web design job, i do tell my client manimum of 2 week and maximum of a month. But within that minimum of 2 week am sure there website will be fully ready. There was a time one of my client ask me “Micheal, you promised to deliver this work within 2 week but in just 3day you have complete the website, how do you do it?…” This client ask this question because he was surprise i can complete his website within 3day. And the truth is that i love to deliver the best as fast as possible so that they can refer me to their friends next time….

Most of my client are alway surprise with the way i use to deliver there job and this has make some of them refer me to other… In fact, this make some to believe in me the more.


As a web designer, one things should sink into you that your clients need someone they can trust; they need someone they can rely upon. If you know the website will take you 2 week, tell them 3 week because no one know tomorrow, some unforseen circumstances can happen at anytime. So, if you are unable to complete the website within that 2 week, you can easily complete it in the third week. And by the time you deliver your work they will see reason to believe you more.

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